Urge Gov. Murphy To Take Action
Against an Unneeded Fossil Fuel Project

The Murphy administration must continue efforts to protect New Jerseyans
from paying for this unneeded, polluting Regional Energy Access Expansion project.

Why ReThink Energy NJ

New Jersey’s clean energy future has arrived. With more than enough existing pipelines in our state to meet current and future energy demands, it’s time to stop building unneeded, polluting fossil fuel infrastructure.

The choice is clear: Renewable energy can’t wait.

New Jersey's future is electric!

A new era — cleaner, healthier, more affordable — is upon New Jersey and the nation.

NJ needs an even greater sense of urgency on clean energy

NJ Conservation Foundation Applauds Gov. Murphy’s Actions To Accelerate Transition To Clean Energy

Home front: Energy advocates explain why building electrification is next step in greenhouse gas fight

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