The Future Is Electric Part II: How Average New Jersey Households Can Save by Electrifying

New Jerseyans in an average insulated gas-heated home can save anywhere from 4% to 41% on their annual energy bills by adopting highly efficient electric appliances such as heat pumps depending on utility service territory, and up to 69% in a typical drafty home if paired with weatherization, according to a new report by Acadia Center that was commissioned by New Jersey Conservation Foundation.

The Future Is Electric: Helping New Jersey Live in Cleaner, Healthier and More Affordable Homes

A new report by Acadia Center confirms that electrifying the building sector is beneficial to all New Jerseyans, making buildings healthier and safer while reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state. Aggressively transitioning away from fossil fuels to electric is seen as key to significantly reducing emissions from buildings — the second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in New Jersey.


Seventh Annual ‘Attitudes on Clean Energy’ Poll

An overwhelming majority of New Jersey voters expresses concern over climate change and supports more aggressive goals to achieve 100% clean energy, a new ReThink Energy NJ poll finds.

Sixth Annual ‘Attitude on Clean Energy’ Poll

By a margin of more than two to one, New Jersey voters support investing in renewable energy projects like wind and solar to promote recovery from the economic damage resulting from COVID-19.
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