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New Jersey's future is electric

A new era — cleaner, healthier, more affordable — is upon New Jersey and the nation.

Fossil fuels that pollute the air and worsen the health and safety dangers from climate change are on the way out. We’ll be heating, cooling, and powering our lives with highly-efficient electricity from renewable sources like solar and offshore wind.

The right policies and incentives will speed the transition from water heaters and space heating that rely on fossil fuels to highly-efficient electric heat pumps, especially in overburdened low- and middle-income communities. New Jersey policymakers can reduce emissions harming our health and climate, save consumers money, and create good jobs by:

  • Speeding the transition to electrification through rebates and other incentives that match what other states in the region are doing — in addition to the infusion of federal Inflation Reduction Act dollars.
  • Ignoring the massive fossil fuel industry misinformation campaign aimed at delaying conversion to electric appliances. The Fuel Merchants Association alone spent $1.4 million lobbying to influence policy decisions in New Jersey last year.
  • Accelerating product training for contractors and connect consumers with experienced installers who are up on the latest technology for heat pumps and other efficient appliances.

As more intense storms batter our state — threatening lives and property — sea levels rise, and severe flooding occurs more frequently, now it’s time to move faster, not slower toward electrification.

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Take action: Tell your legislators to make it easier for NJ consumers to switch to electric

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