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The New Jersey Board of Public Utility (NJBPU) released the Building Decarbonization straw proposal that advances building electrification as a means to reduce reliance on fossil fuels in our homes and businesses. However, it was removed from the agenda prior to the Board’s recent meeting. If adopted, this proposal would play a crucial role in achieving Gov. Murphy’s target of deploying heat pumps in 400,000 homes and 20,000 businesses by 2030. 

The NJBPU’s building electrification plan has strong support from public health experts, community development, environmental justice and climate advocates, for its many benefits. The adoption of electric heat pumps and induction stoves not only improves indoor air quality and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, it also creates thousands of new jobs and enables residents to save significantly on energy bills. By prioritizing low-income households, the program promotes equitable climate action, delivering monthly savings and cleaner air. Its approval and implementation will pave the way for a cleaner New Jersey.

The Board must continue its efforts to help New Jersey meet its clean energy goals and protect residents from harmful emissions and high energy costs.

Send a letter to NJBPU urging them to expeditiously adopt the building electrification proposal for a cleaner, healthier, and more resilient future for our state.

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2023 NJBPU BE Letter Campaign (July 2023)

Thank you for making your voice heard. Together, we can move to a healthier, more prosperous clean energy future.

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