Ask Gov. Murphy to Continue Protecting Us Against PennEast

Gov. Murphy Stop PennEast

Despite the good efforts of the Murphy Administration, the U.S. Supreme Court narrowly ruled in favor of PennEast, granting the company the right to seize over forty state lands preserved with tax-payer dollars. PennEast is still facing numerous other legal and regulatory hurdles, and New Jersey has the authority to determine whether the project can meet strict standards protecting wetlands and water quality.

We need to remind Gov. Murphy and his administration of the destruction that PennEast would cause our state. The pipeline would cut through thousands of acres of preserved open space, devastating critical wildlife habitats and degrading scores of pristine, protected waterways that provide drinking water for more than a million people.

Take action! 

Send a letter to Gov. Murphy and his administration today thanking them for their strong efforts to uphold the law against PennEast and urging them to continue to hold PennEast accountable to the wetland and water quality standards that this unneeded, damaging project simply can’t meet. 

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2021 Thank Gov. Murphy: Stop PennEast (July 2021)

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