Don’t Let PennEast Poison the Delaware

DRBC PennEast

Urge the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) to conduct a thorough review of the proposed PennEast pipeline.


The DRBC has broad authority over pipelines such as PennEast that will inflict significant impacts on the water resources of the basin. The Commission should ensure it exercises the full extent of that authority.

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The PennEast pipeline is proposed to cross Special Protection designated reaches of the Lower Delaware River and to cross under reservoirs. It would disturb more than 25 acres of wetlands. In New Jersey, PennEast proposes 38 crossings of pristine C1 streams that drain into the Delaware River and Delaware & Raritan Canals. In Pennsylvania, PennEast will require 1,574 acres of earth disturbance; will impact more than 15,000 linear feet of stream, and will impact more than 35 acres of floodplain and more than 43 acres of wetlands. PennEast has not demonstrated that it can cross these protected streams and wetlands without damaging water quality.

Send a letter to Governors Murphy, Cuomo, Wolf, and Carney urging that they, as DRBC commissioners, take seriously their decision-making role over this pipeline and exercise a stringent review of the proposed PennEast pipeline project.

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