Help Protect North Jersey Communities from the Tennessee Gas Pipeline

NJDEP stop TNG compressor

The Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP) wants to expand its fossil gas pipeline through North Jersey by building a compressor station and tripling the size of its existing compressor, but the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection can stop the project.

Over the last decade, TGP had 111 significant incidents with their pipelines that caused almost $90 million in property damage. Additionally, compressor stations release toxic air pollution that increase health risks like nosebleeds, nausea, asthma, neurological conditions, and some associated with childhood leukemia. The environmental and health risks for a project that would serve New York, not New Jersey, are not worth it, and with New York making commitments to transition the state off of fossil fuels, this project is likely to become a stranded asset.

You can help protect New Jersey from this polluting project.

Send a letter urging NJDEP to reject TGP’s permit application and protect New Jersey residents from this dangerous and unnecessary expansion project. 

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NJDEP TGP letter (August 2022)

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