PennEast is Still Not Needed!

Posted February 22, 2019

It’s Cold Outside… and PennEast Is STILL Unneeded. 

The Northeast electric grid operator said it was better prepared for this year’s extreme cold weather than in 2014 and that demand was lower than forecasted. (Read more at StateImpact PA)

So, why is PennEast saying “record high” gas demand indicates “need” for its proposed pipeline?

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penneast not needed

Help Fight Climate Change: Stop PennEast​

The climate crisis requires urgent action globally and locally.  We must stop unneeded, polluting pipelines like PennEast and move to clean, renewable sources of energy.

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penneast not needed

Gas Explosion Shoots Fire That Burns Buildings

A gas explosion in a San Francisco neighborhood shot flames into the air and burned five buildings. Construction workers cut a natural gas line, igniting the flames

 By NBC News | Read more.


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