Oil Change International: New Analysis Exposes FERC Failure on PennEast Climate Review

Posted April 4, 2017

PennEast Would Wreck the Climate on Par with 14 Coal-Fired Power Plants

  • PennEast could contribute as much as 49 million metric tons of greenhouse pollution, per year.
  • This is the equivalent of 14 coal-fired power plants or 10 million passenger vehicles.
  • The report found the following 3 major faults in FERC’s review of PennEast
    • FERC fails to acknowledge that methane leakage makes gas as dirty or dirtier than coal, wiping out any potential benefits of switching from coal to gas;
    • FERC ignores the market reality that new gas production is likely to compete directly with clean energy and energy efficiency, especially in New Jersey, which has already phased out coal-fired generation;
    • FERC fails to count upstream emissions from fracking operations.

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