Statement: Passage of Utility-Scale Solar Law S2605

Posted July 1, 2021

“This legislation includes important siting provisions to steer large-scale solar development away from most of our best farmland soils prioritized for preservation, and to prevent clearing of forests for solar. Unfortunately, last-minute amendments weakened the bill and could pave the way for over 4,000 acres of solar on prime farmland, such as the massive projects that Dakota Power is seeking to build.” —Tom Gilbert, campaign director,  ReThink Energy NJ and New Jersey Conservation Foundation.

“New Jersey urgently needs to support the rapid growth of low-cost solar and wind in our region to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 as climate science demands. This legislation helps advance that goal as utility-scale solar is the lowest cost solar resource within New Jersey. However, it also weakens checks on solar costs in a way that could derail New Jersey’s plans to achieve 100% clean energy while keeping costs affordable.” —Barb Blumenthal, Ph.D., research director, New Jersey Conservation and ReThink Energy NJ

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