Support building electrification for cleaner, healthier, more affordable energy

A new report issued by Acadia Center confirms that electrifying the heating of homes and businesses is beneficial to New Jerseyans, makingacadia report buildings healthier and safer while reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state. New Jersey is falling behind other states in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and helping consumers save money by switching to energy-saving electric appliances.

Delaying the transition to efficient electric heating systems provides a windfall to fossil fuel interests while unsuspecting New Jersey consumers pay the price. The benefits of a faster transition are overwhelming: making buildings healthier and safer for all New Jerseyans while reducing energy bills and harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Get the facts to New Jersey lawmakers!

Send a letter to your legislators urging them to review the report and make building electrification a priority in New Jersey.


Acadia Report - Building Electrification

Acadia Report - Building Electrification

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