The Fight Against PennEast Is Far From Over

PennEast pipeline would damage more than 4,300 acres of preserved open space in New Jersey.

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PennEast pipeline would damage more than 4,300 acres of preserved open space in New Jersey.

In March, New Jersey’s Attorney General told PennEast that it could not seize New Jersey public lands for its pipeline route, taking legal action to defend against seizing State preserved lands.

A recent court decision gave PennEast the right to condemn lands set aside with tax-payer dollars for our children and grandchildren, as well as the properties of scores of homeowners in the path of their unneeded pipeline. This will enable them to take nearly 150 properties through eminent domain, even though the project is far from having all of its required approvals.

Don’t let New Jersey take a step backward.

PennEast’s abuse of eminent domain in New Jersey does not mean that its proposed pipeline is approved.

PennEast can’t construct the pipeline without approval from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Delaware River Basin Commission. Construction would damage over 4,300 acres of preserved open space, habitat for threatened and endangered species, and 38 of the cleanest, protected streams in our state.

Send a letter to Gov. Murphy today — because New Jersey’s future isn’t worth risking.

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