Impact on Preserved Land

Posted November 26, 2015

Preserved lands are often targeted for linear developments like pipelines, as they provide the least expensive routes. But lands that were permanently preserved, with taxpayer funding, should be off limits for these projects.

  • The proposed PennEast project would damage approximately 69 parcels of preserved property totaling over 4,300 acres, including Baldpate Mountain, a county park that provides vital habitat for neo-tropical migratory birds and has been designated by National Audubon as an Important Bird Area.
  • These parcels were preserved with taxpayer-supported funds through the New Jersey’s Green Acres Program, the State’s Farmland Preservation Program and county and municipal open space programs.
  • The PennEast project would cause significant and irremediable damage to valuable and irreplaceable cultural, historic and archaeological resources, including the Rosemont Rural Agricultural District, threatening its farmland, forests, streams and historic structures.


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